LASR Laboratory

Aerospace Robotics at Texas A&M University

LASR Lab is a robotics facility operated by the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University. The lab conducts research in robotic sensing and control with an aim to enhance the fields of proximity operations, human-robot interaction, stereo vision, swarm robotics, and autonomous aerial vehicles. Project funding comes from AFRL, US Government, NASA, and The Boeing Company.

LASR Robot Arena

Located at Easterwood Airport, the LASR Lab sports many features of a world-class robotics facility. The indoor robotics arena is the centerpiece of the lab, offering 2000 square feet of flat floor for ground robots. Twelve foot ceilings give aerial vehicles plenty of room to maneuver. Black curtains, floors, walls, and ceiling simulate the outer space environment, where a single strong light source may provide illumination for realistic optical sensing experiments. A fabrication room and electronics workspace adjoin the main arena. The conference room and graduate student offices complete the package that this facility offers for any advanced robotics research program.

Recent News


Video: LASR_CV Computational Vision Pipeline

Congrats Dylan!

Graduate Research Assistant Dylan Conway took the grand prize in the student paper competition at the 2014 AAS GNC Conference in Breckenridge, CO.

His paper focused on a new implementation of the multiplicative Kalman filter tailored specifically to the SLAM problem.

GNSki Again!

Once again, LASR is headed to the AAS Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference in Breckenridge, CO starting January 31, 2014.

Check us out at the technical exhibit where we will be showing off a new, custom computational vision pipeline for relative navigation and proximity operations.

Conference Site

Video: LASR GNC System for Active Debris Removal


LASR is headed to the AAS Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference in Breckenridge, CO starting February 1, 2013.

Look for us at the technical exhibit where we will be showing off the latest iterations of our sensing and control algorithms for spacecraft rendezvous.

Conference Site

Dr. Junkins Quoted in Photonics Article

Dr. Junkins and Bradley Sallee of SPEC were recently interviewed for a Photonics article discussing the advances in machine vision for robotic applications.

LASR's work with SPEC on a next generation LADAR sensor, HD6D, was highlighted.

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Dr. Greg Chamitoff, NASA Astronaut

LASR Featured in the Battalion

A recent Battalion article featured LASR Lab's work on orbital debris removal. Kurt Cavalieri was interviewed for the piece.

LASR is working with NASA Johnson to develop ground-based simulations of the debris removal mission.

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Video: LASR Overview Trailer

Junkins now Director of TIAS

The Texas A&M Institute for Advanced Study (TIAS) has as its founding director, LASR Lab's Dr. Junkins. The Institute seeks to attract top-tier researchers to Texas A&M.

Read the Press Release [pdf]

Dr. Junkins Radio Interview

The popular science radio show, Science Fantastic, with host Dr. Michio Kaku interviewed Dr. Junkins about orbital debris.

Download the Interview [mp3]

Video: Vision-Based Nozzle Docking

Dr. Junkins Quoted in NYT

The New York Times has quoted Dr. Junkins in an article on the orbital debris problem.

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LASR iGPS Case Study

Nikon has featured the LASR Lab in a case study for its iGPS metrology system.

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Video: Autonomous Vision-Based Docking

Video: Landing Site Determination

NRO Annual Review

On November 8, LASR hosted the National Reconaissance Office along with many distinguished guests for a semi-annual contract review. LASR showcased its recent advances in machine vision.

UAS Challenge

On October 25, LASR demonstrated its vision sensor capabilities to participants in the UAS Video Tracking Workshop and Challenge, hosted by Texas A&M's Vehicle Systems and Control Laboratory.

Dr. John L. Junkins Featured in Texas A&M Engineer Magazine

The September 2011 issue of Texas A&M Engineer features Dr. John L. Junkins in an article entitiled 'Space Junkie.' Along with a bit of history about Dr. Junkins, the article features LASR and its future work on advanced sensing.

The full article is available online.

Video: Autonomous Docking Maneuvers